BMW i8 in a Star Wars look

BMW i8 in a Star Wars look

The BMW i8 is the futuristic anmutendste creature of the Bavarian manufacturer's product range as a production model. That with regard to fantasy yet long not the end of the flagpole is reached, the Japanese tuner energy proves motor sport with its "Cyber Edition". The hybrid athlete gets all sorts of attention-grabbing visual modifications and shines as a method behemoth that would go through without a doubt as a Spaceplane in a Hollywood movies such as Star Wars. The Munich-born UFO got a foliation in Asia, which – as you would expect from a true space plane - shines in silver, specifically, the outer shell is the note 'matt chrome'. Properly expressive this component is differentiated only, because including a science fiction grade EVO body kit carbon has been installed, that clearly the hybrid i8 of the series version.

BMW i8 with futuristic attachments and 21-inch

Also a two-part rear wing construct that longitudinal winding up towards the roof emblazoned on the trunk lid, hood, front bumper, wheel arches and rear end were extremely aufgepimpt. Last but not least an impressive diffuser at the bottom of the vehicle, as well as 21-inch forged wheels ensure a pretty upscale appearance of the BMW i8 made in Japan. The work of art is completed run factory with high-performance tires type Pirelli P zero, also the body of the i8 with various logos of the type of energy is Motorsport, more ornaments also make a round off component to the appearance.

Gallery: BMW i8 energy motor sports

There are no extraterrestrial revisions from the driveline to register: the BMW i8 sets energy motor sports on the proven combination of three-cylinder petrol engine in the rear and electric motor front. The performance of 231 PS of strong against is supported by the E machine 131 HP, whose 250 nm of torque are almost instantly available and quite spontaneously respond to accelerator pedal commands the BMW i8. If the power reserves of the motors are fully exploited, accelerates the i8 in 4.4 seconds to 100 km/h and is a slow electronically only at 250 km/h.

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BMW i8 04

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