Laraki Motors Epitome concept: horrible, expensive and ultra powerful

Laraki Motors Epitome concept: horrible, expensive and ultra powerful

It is long overdue that we had more had new Laraki Motors, a Moroccan manufacturer of high-end sports cars. Also, the surprise was total on the occasion of the concours d'Elegance of Pebble Beach that took place this weekend to discover signed new Laraki.

It is called Landgraff Motors Epitome; It is a concept. The Epitome was developed on the basis of a Corvette C6 chassis, which partly explains this front-engine architecture. The engine, precisely, is logically inherited from Corvette, also. It is at the base of a V8 7.0 litre block, whose power has been brought to... 1 200 c. Using a 110 octane gasoline power passes however to 1 750 c. He had to say... The mentioned rate is of the order of $ 2 million. If rates there because a confidential production is envisaged. Only nine copies of this Epitome would be manufactured even if for the moment the decision to move from concept to that of the (small) series vehicle has yet been taken.

Finish by referring to the design of this Epitome for the less spectacular, say it straightforwardly in very bad taste! No doubt inspired by the beautiful Aston Martin One - 77, also very exclusive and equipped with a front engine, designers of the Epitome not went dead hand.

Laraki Motors Epitome concept 01

Laraki Motors Epitome concept 02

Laraki Motors Epitome concept 03

Laraki Motors Epitome concept 04

Laraki Motors Epitome concept 05

Laraki Motors Epitome concept 06

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