Black Bullet Scout on the basis Indian

Black Bullet Scout on the basis Indian

Indian Motorcycle launches the conquest of speed with the Black Bullet records. This is Jeb Scolman, preparer who already has the Spirit of Munro prepared for the launch of the Thunder Stroke 111 twin in 2014, which is committed to the preparation of a Scout.

The American manufacturer had supplied Jeb a Scout of the 2015 vintage leaving white card. The latter thus took the party to develop a motorcycle with a design reminiscent of machines which competed for speed records in the 50/60s.

At that time, the hot - rod used shells of aircraft returning from the war. Motorcycles were quick to jump on the bandwagon by retrieving the front of the fuselage to improve penetration into the air. Scolman thus wanted to recreate this silhouette with a minimalist cladding realized, as at the time, entirely in metal.

The framework surrounds to the maximum the engine of 1,200 cm3 to minimize possible width of the preparation. The footrests have meanwhile been installed on the rear hub to give this recumbent riding position.

Black Bullet Scout 1

Black Bullet Scout 2

Black Bullet Scout on the basis Indian 3

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